coconut popsicles


Want a totally refreshing and superbly delicious Popsicle?  Ever heard of horchatas?  Cause these coconut Popsicle, (paletas de coco),  taste a whole lot like that wonderful Mexican drink.


So gather the following ingredients and get ready to make some people really happy with this very easy, summer treat.

coco mix


coco2  cocoyum

Coconut Popsicles

  • 1 can polar coconut milk (13.5 oz)
  • 1/4 c. sugar syrup (CLICK HERE for my previous posted recipe)
  • 1/4 c. almond milk
  • 1 t. cinnamon
  • 1/4 c. shredded coconut

Blend together all the ingredients EXCEPT for the coconut in a medium mixing bowl.  Sprinkle a bit of fresh coconut in each Popsicle mold.  Now pour the liquid mixture and top off with more fresh coconut.  Freeze and enjoy!

Fabulously delish~


cutest hand sanitizer dispenser


What to do with this stuff?  Well how ’bout a sweet little pump dispenser for your hand sanitizing gel?  I always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk.  I’ve seen all the cute ways to spiff up a mason jar and thought, why don’t I do that for my sanitzing gel?

So I found some very useful “how to” info here, I just made some slight changes like painting the jar prior to putting it back together. And this was the end result and I love it on my desk—looks a whole lot better than the original container it comes in.  Right?


What I did:

Used an 8 ounce jar, washed, dried and painted it a cute buff.  Two coats of paint and a clear sealant later, I was ready to start on the lid.  Painted both pieces with an ebony black, after I followed steps on drilling the hole to fit the pump tightly.  (I used an old pump from an empty bottle, as it was black and looked prettier.)  I sprayed clear sealant on that prior to inserting the pump and gluing it in place. (I also trimmed the pump stem a little shorter to fit this jar.)


I allowed it to dry overnight before filling it with the sanitizing gel.pump

Now I have the prettiest hand sanitizer dispenser sitting on my desk!

bedroom pieces with new look



Got these pieces from a friend when she was leaving Texas to go back to her home state. My niece who recently moved to the hill country was in need of some bedroom furniture– so when I snatched three pieces for $40—-you bet I was excited!

How do you paint on particle board pieces?  Well it’s actually easier than you think.  PRIMER, a well ventilated area (preferably outdoors), and disposable brushes (since the primer is oil based).




As with any cool project- I get antsy with excitement.  However, it’s been so gosh-darn H O T th at I was NOT looking forward to working outdoors on this one—(but, I didn’t want to stink up the house or pass out from primer fumes)- so outdoors it was. My HEAT aversion  (+)  the locust I could hear singing in the distance, (+) 99º temps, made me feel like I was in the dessert and about to wither away and die.  Argh@#$%^!!!

I was so happy to finally have all the pieces primed- so indoors we went!


Next was mixing up some latex to turn into chalk paint for a way forgiving surface and finish.  Then using some accent colors to add some dimension.


Then the finished look.

dresser0 nstands

(Some light sanding and a wax finish for a seal and smooth finish.)

Now they’ve made their place in Jacq’s apartment and Rebecca is back safely in NY – all is well with the world.

No more outdoor projects til the fall & my favorite time of year~


am I blue- yes, I’m blue

Aside from that being the lyrics to one of King George’s #1 hit, it also happens to be the colors I’m drawn to in the summertime.  Hues of blues and greens.


I mean, I naturally love the two color combinations and I do happen to love to paint with those two variations of color… (as you can see by my pantry/laundry room door)…


So when I finally finished “un-decorating” the 4th of July decor, I was happy to have found these amazing clay platters on one of my rare occasions of actual “store” shopping.  Aren’t they gorgeous?


You might see a chipped platter, I see rustic beauty.  But nonetheless…I snatched three of them to use as chargers for place settings on the counter top bar area. Remember the one I “country-fied” a few months back?


What do you think?  Isn’t that a place setting you want to eat from?



But speaking of blue…have you seen the Pinterest post on cleaning your shower glass using Dawn and vinegar?


Well guess what?  Finally tried it on my scummy glass enclosure and it really worked.  I sprayed it on, left for about 30 minutes, came back, rinsed it off and voila!  I even sprayed it on my little dirty drain cover


and it was so pretty and shiny when I rinsed it off.  I love when something really is as easy as it says it is!  I don’t know who discovered that but it beats using harsh chemicals and being on your hands and knees.

I’d rather use my time wisely and creatively–so look out for my next cool little “diy” post this week, cause you’re gonna love how simple and inexpensive it is!

Oh and speaking of King George (am I blue)…if you live in or near Austin, you might want to mark your calendar for this event in honor of George Strait and his awesome music.


Click HERE for deets!  I’ll be there, hope you can join me, cause it’s gonna be gooooood~


cabinet facelift complete

Originally posted on Gully Creek Cottage:

and I’m exhausted & so glad it’s done! Hence why there are no “weekend haps” since I worked on these all weekend!  AND I must apologize for the number of pics I’ve posted—just wanted to make sure and cover all the angles!

Anyway…either I’m just getting old and feelin’ it or I need to kick it in high gear and work this hard more often. I was pooped after finally finishing up my kitchen cabinet facelift project.  I told the man (Boo) that I wouldn’t ever repaint kitchen cabinets and he looked at me and said, “oh yeah right”!

hardware finds~

Let’s start with these litte add on’s….I had found these little trims one day while carousing my favorite hardware store…


They were just so cute that ideas started flowing.  I decided to buy some to add some dimension to some of my cabinet doors.


what I envisioned…


once I…

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zinc pots – repurposed


These are antique zinc bulb starter pots.  They’re mini, they’re cute, and they’re hard to find.  So imagine my excitement when I found some these on our trip to Waco with the Rusty’s!  I was searching for a divided item to serve as my “writing implement” container.   Why?  Cause if you don’t know by now—I’m kind of a freak!  Call me what you want, I like a neat desktop, an organized one, and one that is unique!  AND–I l♥ve to re-purpose things!!!

So back to these little dolls…


They’re also known as zinc saps, they’re made out of zinc or galvanized metal and they are wonderful “as is” or painted.  After I found these I still wanted something that would “house” them or hold them all together.  Then I found this sturdy thing…


An old metal drawer that was probably a part of a filing cabinet of some sort.  $8- woohoo! I dusted off the cobwebs and dirt and got her ready for some fresh paint.  First, adhering some felt on the bottom, so it wouldn’t scratch my wooden desk. (Yes, that thought occurred to me!)


Picked out three soft colors that would pull in all the other colors I have goin’ in my space.  Fawn, Sea Glass and Light Buttermilk seemed to rock my world.


Subtle but pretty! I left the insides and the bottoms untouched just for rustic appearance.colored

Next, painting the drawer in black for a nice strong contrast.


But, touching the corners and edges with some white to give it some character.


All in all, good decision on this purchase and re-purposing!  I ♥ ♥!!!



Don’t be afraid to “think” outside the box and find a new use for something old!  I promise it will give your space character and certainly be a focus piece.  I mean…even buying a bag of dried split peas to use as a filler will be a nice touch and helps keep my zinc pots from getting off balance!


Now if I could only figure something out for keeping “me” balanced.

lots of firsts & most important things

“The most important things in life AREN’T things.” anthony deangelo

Boo and I traveled to see the kids this 4th of July weekend for some very special moments in their lives.  And we had so much fun!  We loved on our little man, (the newest addition to the family),


and we were overjoyed to be spending time with him, his mommy & daddy!  Some of his firsts included his first 4th of July,


his 1st parade,

parade cutes

his baby blessing,


his first picnic and his first time with so many grandparents!


2 great-grandma’s, (2 missing), & 2 grandma’s

2 grandpa's & 1 great-grandpa

2 grandpa’s & 1 great-grandpa

This little guy is one lucky little man and he sure doesn’t lack love that’s for sure!


I could give him a million kisses and that still wouldn’t be enough!

As I get older and wiser ;), I understand the meaning of the most important things in life.  They’re definitely not possessions, but rather the time I am able to be with my kids and those I love. Witnessing my kids accomplishments and happiness and being able to be a part of it, well…those are my most valuable treasures, and I am beyond blessed to be able to be a part of such.

It’s up to each of us to figure out what we value in life.  And only you can define what means what to you.  But my wish is that you find life more valuable each passing day- and that it may be because of time spent with those you love.  Life is too darn short!


I hope you had as wonderful a 4th of July as I did~