cliff notes

Short story- sorry to bore!  My bff’s and I are referred to as the Rusty Magnolia’s, (a name Boo christened us with many-many years ago). I’ll spare y’all the nitty gritty details for the name and how we became the best of friends or practice friends.  Short version…one did confess to having wanted to push me off a cliff, her tune later changed and she decided, “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”.  Lol!  So over the years we have trekked many miles across our beautiful state to venture out on wonderful girlfriend weekends together.

I started thinking on this trip, not only about the fun times we’ve had, BUT of how almost always the story of how we met and “pushing me off a cliff” comes back into our conversations.  I’ve decided that from now on, I will call our trips, (awesome adventures), my “cliff notes“.

I’m sharin’ some of our fun from this past weekend.  We had a blast!!!

For many years we have wanted to travel to Waco.  All of us have driven or stopped there but never to actually have a mini-vacay.  So here are some of the fun places we visited and enjoyed A LOT!

bridge dubl

junque lneva magnolia







The Rusty’s had another wonderful time and if you’re planning a trip to Waco- holler cause we’d be happy to share the best places to eat, shop, and stay at!  We’ll certainly be going back since there were still many places on our list we didn’t make–so Waco be ready to help me with my cliff notes~



mango smoothie

A mango smoothie with ninja powers?  I mean Ningxia power!!!  But the same results… kick butt energy in a glass. That’s what you get when I was trying to hype-up my energy before the visit with the girls last weekend!  My daughter introduced me to Ningxia and I have to admit I haven’t been religiously taking it, but when I do, I most definitely see a difference.  But for me, it’s mostly when I mix it up with other fruits or veges in some smoothie form.  So this time I decided to make it a go by combining…



and honey, ice cubes and almond milk.


It was pretty delicious, it was filling and I wasn’t hungry until late afternoon.  So what is Ningxia?  Basically an antioxidant booster made from fruit and nutrients and if used daily, can help to energize, fortify, and revitalize your body and support overall health and wellness.

So what did I combine for this awesome smoothie?


  • 1 fresh mango (skinned and diced)
  • 2/3 c. almond milk
  • 1 T. honey
  • 3 T. Ningxia
  • 4 ice cubes

Blend for until ice is crushed and mixture is well blended.  Pour in glass and enjoy!

Cheers to happy, healthy you~

gathering, love & laughter

As I sit here waiting for my feet to miraculously get baby butt smooth like on pinterest,


(Running short on time for a professional pedi) :( so I’m here trying to catch up on my posting.  However, I haven’t been idle-promise.  Life has been swiftly sweeping past me, and I have been totally constructive with “living“.  You’ve probably read or heard that little saying, “don’t forget to live cause you’re too busy or whatever”! LOL- I’m kinda like Tim Allen in his Home Improvement show.  When he would meet up with his neighbor who would always give him some profound insight and by the time he went indoors and tried to share that insight with his family, it came out pretty twisted and hilarious!  Nothing related to the actual insight.  Well, what I was trying to say is that I have been living in the moment vs just watching my life pass by.  I have done a few small projects but mainly I’ve enjoyed spending time with the people I love!

  • Making time~

I love that summer brings vacations and time for family visits. My nieces were here for a couple of days and we enjoyed our time together.  We ventured to Gruene one of the days, (cuz who doesn’t love gruene?).





  • Gathering~

We had more of the kiddos stop by for a visit and gather around the kitchen for Boo’s famous Texas waffles!  Boy how they ♥ Tìos waffles!


kit waffs

  • Loving~

This is what I was referring to earlier, the opportunities we get in life to share with those that we love and what defines what “living/life” is really all about.  Sometimes we get so busy doing that we forget to breathe and enjoy life’s blessings.  I was certainly reminded of that many times over the last few days.  When I heard the laughter between the kids and Boo, and also when we got random & beautiful messages from both our kids.


Sweet Lord o’ mercy!  Thank you for the reminder to slow it down and embrace life’s blessings!!!

Back to my feet!  LOL  So I soaked them a little longer as I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted and after 20 minutes for each foot—ooh la la!  Now I’m not ashamed of my feet and they’re ready to share a bed with my bestie, as we are on our girlfriends weekend getaway.

Another weekend filled with life’s sweetness.  Let it begin~


homemade freezer fruit pops

Summer time and it’s time to stay cool!  Right?


By whichever means possible…double right?  So why not grab some fresh fruit and mix it up for some homemade freezer pops!  That’s what I just did. Grab you some cool pop molds,


Wash and and cut up some fresh fruit.


I used up my remaining last seasons peaches, (as I will be headed to Fredricksburg to stock up on this season’s stash).  Then mix up some sugar syrup (with a twist),

combine with the fruits & the syrup and blend it all up.


Then pour it into the molds.


Freeze and then you have some healthy alternatives to the sugar-laden ones you find in the store.  Your kids will love them, they can even help you make them.


For a refreshing summer treat—a homemade freezer fruit pop!  Here’s the recipe

pop recipe

I changed the water in the syrup recipe to coconut water to give it a little variation PLUS cause I’m fixin’ to make some coconut flavored pops of some kind-YUM!



July 4th


“It’s been said that the eye is a unique window into health”…

Does my eye look healthy?  Cause I’m happy to report that I am finally feeling human again.  I was down with a sinus infection then food poisoning. YUCK!!! so I have lots of catching up to do- (oh! and it wasn’t from my cooking)! Lol.

When I’ve been down, the first thing I want to do is decorate, work on a project or listen to awesome tunes.  So cleaning around the place, decorating for the 4th (since it’s around the corner & we’ll be busy leading into it), date night as well as grilling on a lazy Sunday, is what went down this weekend.


I decided on a rustic July 4th theme for my table and incorporated this “Dad’s” wooden crate (that way it can shout out “Happy Father’s Day”), to my sweet man!  I even did some free printables for the firecrackers, “America Land of the Free” banner and small flags for my readers.


Started out with a crisp clean white linen tablecloth and a ruffled burlap runner.  Hauled out the red place-mats, white porcelain dinner plates, decorative red and khaki floral salad plates, crystal goblets and these vintage red striped napkins (a gift from an old neighbor).


Fillers for the wood crate include hydrangeas, real cotton bawl branches & some greenery.


Black touches for some contrast by using this metal high-wheeled bicycle and candlesticks.


The printables…up close.


These are the images of the printables I created to add some final “4th” touches to the tables-cape.  You’ll need some cardstock to print them on, glue stick, tape, wood skewers, wire cutters to trim skewers to size and scissors.


So click below for the free printables:

There you are!  Hope you can use the printables or share your table decor with me.  Oh, btw, if you have a flag out front that keeps getting twisted up with the wind, you might want to try my trick to stopping that. Buy you some drapery weights and sew them to the bottom edge of the flag for stability and weight.


It will prevent it from getting tattered up with the wind.  Now go do your own 4th of July decorating~


banana pound cake anyone?

100 years ago or so it seems, I was a stay at home momma for my two adorable kids.  We lived in the Houston area, and it was when people actually still subscribed to the newspaper.  We subscribed to the Houston Chronicle two days a week.  Wednesdays, (because of their awesome recipes) in the food section and Sunday’s because of the sale ads.  I used to clip so many of their recipes because after trying several, I was hooked!  The Chronicle food department didn’t mess around and they only printed the best of the best. After many years, I collected quite a nice collection of their “bests”.  Including this one…


It is for a fabulously-huge and wonderful banana pound cake that will have you strolling into the kitchen for seconds and thirds!  When I mean huge- I mean huge!  This pound cake is heavy and rises so high in the pan that you think it’s going to spill over but it doesn’t.


Start with your ripened bananas and if you don’t have fresh buttermilk you can always add 1/2 t. to 1 T. of vinegar to whole milk and it will curd for you.


Let it thicken up and then add the baking soda as stated in the recipe above, before proceeding.


ban7 ban8x

You’ll have a delicious use for those over ripened bananas and your family will reap the rewards.

Now off to try out some of my old faves as well as new avon products that I just got in the mail.  Don’t you just love wonderful & cute marketing?  Hello beautiful


I love playing dress up


Okay guys and dolls! Like my profile says I’m a girl who loves to wield around power tools, I’m not afraid of sawdust, (as a matter of fact- I ♥ it), yet I don’t like dirt ;).  But I love painting and woodworking and LOWES, and even at 56, yes!  I love to dress up! I’m pretty girly-girl that way!!!  So short post on what Belle’s been wearing in case anyone needs inspiration on mixing it up!

My winters been put away, even climbed up and sorted all my boots a little higher in the closet shelves, (not too far after all my cowboy boots can’t be too out of reach)!  But gotta make room for the spring wedges & sandals. (I wish I had a separate room for my wardrobe), wishful thinking. Anyway, here are some cute combos and girly-girl inspirations.


Flowy burgundy tunic paired with jeans and cute wedges!


A long lightweight navy top with lace trim, jeans & sparkly pumps for a night on the town!


Cute outfit for work or fun, a coral skirt, flouncy gray ruffled top accented with gold and Betty Flinstone baubles!  Cute huh?

Then for some facial touches… don’t forget to add some of these little babies to your makeup drawer.  Sponge makeup blenders!!! They are amazing for perfect contouring and applying your makeup flawlessly.  A perfect blending little sponge, you’ll never need another type!


Add some splash to your lips as well, like “fearless” a merger of two great colors for this season- coral and red!

Then of course never underestimate the power of accessorizing toots!


Have fun playing dress up~