winter & holiday spirit

Well, at least in the midwest it has!  We’ve been enjoyin’ Thanksgiving with our kids in the midwest and we sure have enjoyed our time with them, the wonderful sights and winter.  Especially everything covered in snow!  Definitely puts me in the holiday spirit.  So I thought I would share some beautiful scenes along with some of my shopping stops in hope that it will put YOU in the holiday spirit as well.









A few more days with our kiddos here and then back to Texas to celebrate Thanksgiving with our son & Jackie – then to get ready for another special holiday.  Cheerio till my next post~


mission trips

Your mission trip might be different than MY mission trip…sayin’ that, this crazy momma & poppa will do anything  ANYTHING, for their kids!  (Thank GOD we only have 2!!!) Hence began the driving around on our mission trip, asking everyone we know (even random peeps), where we can find whatever it is they’re needing if we don’t already know where to find it.

So, let’s REWIND to late August when we were getting ready to visit the “B” family and a certain little Texas gal kept requesting several things she can’t get in the midwest…”momma can you please put my fave Texas pickles on “the list”, oh, can you add Homeslice Pizza, and a Saltgrass salad, OH-OH  and a Kroger cake?”   Boy did I feel like a heel when we find out she IS prego and the only thing I brought her were her pickles…:(

So this time around, we weren’t gonna make the same mistake…out the door gussied up and ready to kick doors down with my “get outta my way” boots cause I’m on a mission!

A stop at where else…Buc-ee’s (New Braunfels) for jerky.



hangin’ out with McDreamy—I mean McBeaver!

Then and FINALLY —-Fiesta is the winning store for having the Mexican vanilla!!!  Thanks to Daddy-o!  CHECK!!!


Dad was in charge of ordering and picking up the Homeslice,



So a few days later… we were in route and ready to celebrate,


and hang with this wonderful little girl & son of mine in the midwest for Thanksgiving.  When we were almost to KC I remembered how much both kids (♥) Oklahoma Joe’s in Kansas City… so slight detour to stand in line for an hour long wait…


Made it in time for dinner (Oklahoma Joe’s bbq) and family time, and planning on much more of that!  We are now planning on the menu, shopping and sightseeing along with some (much looking forward to) down time.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving  and lots of family time to you from GCC~

Soup anyone?

Something to warm you up my friends…
How about some nice hot caldo for this wintry weather?
What’s caldo?  Well, it’s basically a big, chunky, beef vege soup done up Mexican!  Complete with cumin and cilantro!

childhood story~

Caldo and I – well let me just say that one of my mom’s favorite stories of me growing up was that one time when I was very small, she had made a big pot of caldo for dinner.  (Naturally if you’re having caldo the Mexi-way, well there’s corn tortillas involved!)
So the story goes that we were all sitting there enjoying our soup when my mom glanced over and saw me sipping my soup through a tortilla straw!  My dad would roll our tortillas up in his hand like a straw-
so naturally being the creative soul…I decided it to put it to good use.  That was probably the beginning of my “straw obsession!”  They laughed and laughed and I was embarrassed because I thought they were making fun or me, more than laughing at my super – genius use of a corn tortilla.
Pretty clever kid if you ask me!

CALDO de res

1 pound beef shank
1 T oil
2 potatoes, cubed
1 onion, chopped
3 carrots, chopped
1/2 medium head cabbage, chopped
4 small ears corn (frozen or fresh)
4 cloves garlic, minced
6 teaspoons chopped fresh cilantro
1 tablespoon sea salt
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin
 fresh lime juice to taste
1. In a large pot over low heat let the oil heat up and add the beef.  Brown for a few minutes, rotating and cooking evenly on each side. Add the potatoes, corn, onion & carrots, along with water to cover.  Place lid and cook for about 45 minutes on medium heat.
2. Remove lid, then slowly add the cabbage, garlic, 5 teaspoons cilantro, salt and cumin.  Stir, and simmer for another 30-40 minutes with lid off. Serve hot. Just before eating, squeeze in fresh lime juice to taste and sprinkle with remaining cilantro.  Enjoy with a side of hot corn tortillas-


So I had been craving this, especially since many of my childhood friends and fam on fb kept posting pics of their soup.  I decided to make my own minus the corn (the only thing I didn’t have on hand)–but it was just as great. Funny how tastes and smells can take you back to a distant memory huh?

If you try this—- it will hit the spot AND…it’s delicious~

weekend haps

This weekends haps

well, my sinuses once again are kicking my butt!  Hate that my new doctor didn’t give me the shot I requested.  Think it’s time to find a new one, once again. Cause I’m done with allergies and sinus issues!  So due to that, not much happened.  I did manage to start working on a nursery project for my daughter and that was about it.


  • started cutting fabric for the nursery project (a dual project since the hubby helped out)
  • Hubs cooked a great roast for our dinner (nice treat)
  • Neighbor came over to visit with her little one (Dosee loved the company) as did I!
  • Our other neighbors had friends in for the weekend from Cali so they came over so we could meet ‘em!  I ♥ all our neighbors!
  • Worked on upcycling some old clipboards for teacher gifts
  • Laid up watching old movies due to sinuses!



Yep, I’ve always preferred cutting my patterns on the floor.  Although,   I’m pretty sure some day soon, it will get a little harder to manage. LOL!

Can’t smell much due to my sinus infection but I love – love my favorite hand soap scent!




Look at these two!  Dosee loves having company but especially little humans!

So folks—here’s to a fabulous week and smooth preparations for our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday~


Turkey Gift Tag printables


Okay so you’re gonna LOVE these fun, cute, and adorable TAGS I made for Thanksgiving treats!


Yep!  Another free printable from GCC!!!  I wanted to make some generic tags to use for small treats to give out for Thanksgiving.  For friends, family, your favorite teacher, your classroom kiddos, etc.  So what could be cuter than a plump-colorful turkey?

I love to make & gift small treats and I also enjoy playing around with graphics—so Saturday evening, while the hubs got caught up on one of his favorite shows, I decided to play around and the end result was this awesome turkey tag!

Here’s what I will be using mine for…


Small tins filled with “spicy gobbles”!  You’ve seen the recipe for spicy crackers, a.k.a. firecrackers, pimped up crackers, etc.  Well, same ‘ol – same ‘ol!  Only these have dill for jacked up flavor.  (Recipe this week).



So get going and print out the tags on cardstock– by clicking HERE!!!


Now you can cut and fill a bag or tin with treats, (get creative), and surprise someone special.


(Actual tag size is: 3″W x 3.5″L)


These tags are way too adorable not to be used in a creative way, so have at it!  Did I tell you these are precious?

bountifully stylish


This time last year we had just moved to the area and we were in a rental cottage and all my pretty’s (décor stuff), were in storage.  I was sad not being able to have our own place and decorate it up for the holidays.  It’s one of my favorite things to do.  So this year, I’m so happy to see some of my favorite pieces again.  (You know how much fun it is when you open things that have been packed away forever?)  It’s like Christmas morning!!!

Here’s what I came up with for our dining room table this year…

I know I’m not the only that loves the color combination of oranges, yellows, reds & browns.  But what about when you combine elements like old wood, antiques and natural pieces to create a fall vignette as a tablescape?  Outcome…a beautiful, bountifully stylish table!

That’s what I love and enjoy doing when I’m decorating!

For our Thanksgiving table this holiday, I went with crisp, clean, rustic and colorful.  Starting with a crisp white linen tablecloth.  This particular one I got from my sweet girl.  She purchased a box of linens (for cheap) last year, and in turn, gave them to me.  This beauty was in there.


Draping beautifully with gathered corners, then softly tied off with brown organza ribbon bows.  Now, the fun part! Choosing  a piece of old barn wood that Boo had picked up for me, I used it as the base on the center of the table (see below),


Next, topping it with a large antique wooden carpenters tool box I’ve had forever.


I filled it with gourds, flowers, berries, feathers, mini pumpkins, and my old wooden PILGRIM COUPLE.


Then the place settings were grouped with a wooden charger, white ceramic dinner plate, dessert plate topped with a crisp russet linen napkin, giant wooden acorns, and ceramic pumpkins.  The drinking glasses are vintage amber that I got when we married 34 years ago, then I placed an antique mini dessert crystal goblets by each setting to complete my vignette.



Finishing touches were more gourds, painted wooden pheasants and candle sticks.  Don’t forget the candle sticks!

What will YOUR Thanksgiving table look like?  Will you go traditional, rustic or think out of the box?  I want to know your ideas and traditions.

Now we’re ready for fall dinner parties, soup days and more @ casa GCC~


weekend haps

Whew – I have not been here for awhile folks!  So busy and not enough time.  But here’s to catching up on my weekend haps

Halloween was awesome and having our new neighbors over for our first annual Halloween dinner party together was fantastic!  Boo did a wonderful job with grilling the chicken and everything else just fell into place despite a busy day for both of us!

Favorite parts of Halloween–seeing the sweet babies dressed up for the night and heading out trick or treating!

We hung out in the yard with those neighbors that don’t have little ones to hand out candy, laughter and fun ensued and then it was movie night.

The rest of the weekend was great — mostly in part to the superb weather!

the haps~

  • Halloween dinner party
  • Trick or Treaters
  • Wimberley Market Days
  • Thanksgiving decorating

the pics~








even poochie was feeling festive!





More on the holiday table this week.  Stay tuned~