avoiding those makeup boo-boo’s

So us girls all have those days whether we’re in a hurry or just don’t have steady hands and tend to have some slight of hand makeup boo-boos.  I know, but this…faceCollage

SERIOUSLY?!?!?!  This is by no means slight of hand or unsteadiness!!!  Agreed?  Just mere overuse of bronzers, spray tans, eyeshadow, & fake lashes.  Geeze!  They’re just comical.

But let’s say that you do have those rushed mornings when you accidentally smear some makeup on your freshly made up face and you scramble to find a q-tip or tissue to rub it off, only to have to touch up those areas again.

What if I told you that I discovered this little gem of a tool by e.l.f.?

I love several of the e.l.f. products I have, like my little travel tablet with lots of goodies…


the eyelid primer (also amazing),

but I love this little tool!


AND… for $3 bucks–worth every penny!  Now ladies—keep laughing at the catastrophe collage above but take my advice and try this miracle stick for quick cleanups.  It’s amazing~


fresh baked cookies anytime


Who doesn’t want fresh baked cookies with a cold glass of milk?

So you know those buckets of cookie dough in the freezer section?  Well did you know you can mix up your favorite batch of cookies and freeze them so that you can have fresh hot cookies anytime you want!

It’s true!  All you need is to pull out your favorite cookie recipe(s), gather your ingredients and go to town!


Once you mix up your dough, shape and form into balls…



Place them single layer on a baking sheet, freezer for about 25-30 minutes. Remove them from the freezer once they’re firm to the touch.



Bag ‘em up, label and return to the freezer!


Next time you’re cravin’ some yummy hot cookies or you have company drop in, you can bake as many as you want!

Since the holidays are right around the corner, it doesn’t hurt to have several varieties on hand. Who wouldn’t rather take homemade treats like these to a party or a holiday gathering?  Or if you’re just wanting to gift some delicious cookies to someone special, now you have some readily available!

These are a lot cheaper than the freezer-store bought kind.

*I made two varieties here…white choco oatmeal and oatmeal raisin.


SUPER easy skillet stew

In my opinion, Fall brings with it the beginning of comfort foods and I love it.  My crock usually finds a permanent place on the kitchen prep area for several months.  Helping make some wonderful stews, soups and casseroles for those cooler & of course, busy days.  I love the ease and capabilities of a good crock pot, but more than that I love coming home, walking in the door and smelling a wonderful meal that has prepared itself all day and is ready for you.

I promise to share some of my favorite crock recipes in the next few months, however this isn’t one of them!

NO CROCK here!!!  The other day I fixed my SUPER easy skillet stew that doesn’t require your crock and it can be ready in less than an hour.  No JOKE!


Get you some great cuts of stew meat. During this time of year I go to my fave meat butcher shop and grab several packages of stew meat, (never underestimate the use of a good cut of stew meat)! Have it on hand for days just like these.

So I usually pull the meat out of the freezer before heading out the door, set it in the fridge to thaw during the day while I’m at work and runnin’ around, and it will be ready for you when you get home later in the day.


  • (1) envelope of Lipton onion soup mix
  • 1 # stew meat (cut in chunks)
  • 2 medium potatoes (partially peeled and cubed)
  • 1 c. of small baby carrots (cut into small pieces)
  • 1/2 c. fresh or frozen peas
  • 1/2 small onion, chopped
  • cajun seasoning
  • 1.5 to 2 c. water or beef broth
  • egg noodles (cooked & drained) optional

In a large skillet, add your stew meat and cook till browned. Just a side note…(I hardly EVER use oil or shortening to precook my meats).  Once browned, set aside.  In a small bowl mix your soup mix with the water (or broth) and blend.


Add this mixture to your meat and simmer for about 15 minutes on med/high.  Gently add the carrots, onions and additional seasonings that you might want.  *I leave some of the potato skin on the potatoes for more of a rustic taste. Simmer for another 40 minutes.  *During the last 15 minutes, you can add your fresh or frozen veges!  If you want to serve over some noodles, just cook and drain as per instructions and serve warm.

You can serve with some hot biscuits as I did or rolls. YUM!  Great as leftovers too!


Makes for a very easy, filling and satisfying meal! Happy cooking~

weekend haps

Not a whole lot happened this weekend other than me feeling awkward.  I usually have stamina, motivation and can’t wait to do something.  However this weekend, I’m not sure what was going on.  For one, I had terrible issues with my allergies and finally got in to see my new doctor on Wednesday evening and got my allergy shot.  However, he didn’t give me the one I’ve used for over 15 years but the one he did give me, immediately cleared me up.  But I’ve been having weird dreams, have been lazy and sleeping a lot.  Saturday I took a 2 1/2 hour nap in the middle of the afternoon…I never do that!  I just don’t feel myself.

Thursday I got to listen to the boy live performing at a house concert…those make me happy!

Then my Friday workday was insane!!!  However, I kept thinking of my super awesome nephew who was having his Navy graduation.  Got to watch it live for just a bit but I am SO PROUD of that guy!

The rest was pretty much uneventful although I did do some little projects around the home-front.  Take a peek!

the haps~

  • live house concert
  • Sean’s Navy graduation ceremony!!!
  • Friday movie choice (the Maze Runner) -great btw!
  • clipboard project
  • some very minor housecleaning
  • trip to my fave store LOWE’S (wood project in the works)
  • Willow Broom project
  • lazy Sunday

the pics~

Thank you Sean for serving and making us proud! Go Navy!!!

Clipboard project –gift for a sweet lady!

Give an old clipboard a face-lift using scrapbook paper, stickers, modge podge, etc.  Vintagey-sweet outcome!


the Willow Broom….many years ago my husband and I went to Tennessee on vacay, while shopping in some shops, I came across a shop that had this willow broom that I loved and wanted but I wouldn’t pay the asking price.  (Not for a decorative piece to be used once a year)…I’ve always regretted it until this weekend when I made my own for my Halloween porch!

When we visited our kids in Iowa in August, I noticed they had a curly willow tree in their new yard.  So, I asked my sweet and indulging SIL to cut a branch off for me, he did and now I have a new ride—lol!!!


Can you spot my little pooch in the pic?  She loves photo ops~


the apple experiment


Looks amazing right?  A fresh apple pie.


You buy all these wonderful apples at the grocer to make your family an all american apple pie.


So you carefully wash, peel, slice and layer and layer—beautiful crisp apples into your made from scratch pie crust. Cause you naturally want nothin’ but the best for your family and yourself right?

But you have one little apple left over…

So being the little curious one, you decide to let it sit on your counter-top,


and sit some more…


until you realize that your little apple (in my experiment), has been sitting on your counter-top for 162 days (so far) and aside from it’s color fading into a dull yellow, the consistency or the firmness has not changed.


Yep.  NO rotted-out spots, NO browning, NO nothing, really.

A couple of years ago I read a report done about Whole Foods and their produce being sold as organic NOT being truly organic. They reported that before apples are actually displayed in their stores, they have been kept in a dark warehouse for about a year—YES, A YEAR= 365 days!!!  But according to this chart below, a fresh apple lasts 2-4 weeks on the shelf.

apple lifex

These apples didn’t come from Whole Foods, but I wanted to conduct my own little experiment. (And I am not solely picking on Whole Foods), I just think that there are so many people out there willing to buy ORGANIC at any cost cause they think they’re buying the best.  All the while, these stores are so misleading.  Our FDA is misleading us to think we are getting the best. I’m pretty positive that our FDA does squat.

Hence, why I will shop at a farmers market ANY day vs the literal FAKES being sold in stores.

We have got to stand up for ourselves, read labels, be aware and get informed.

Some knowledge…



Something to think about folks!  Still think you’re buying the best for your family?


think again~

Support your local farmers market peeps!


weekend haps

Beautiful rain and crisp weather!  How I L♥VE you!!!

Woke up Saturday to 63 degree fall weather and the LORD finally blessing us with some rain!  It was the prefect weather to get away and go excavating for architectural pieces, projects and some fall inspiration.  After having a busy, beautiful and shock-full week, it was nice to look forward to an easy weekend.

Tuesday evening I was headed into our master bathroom to get ready for bedtime and in the corner of my eye I saw something move on the floor…totally shocked and screaming, Boo ran in to find a stupid snake that somehow got in our room.  I HATE SNAKES!!!


I guess that’s what you get when you live near farmland!  I was terrified all week and since then, worried that there might be others. The husband keeps telling me there isn’t.  If by chance I stop posting, it’s cause there were and I’ve died of a heart attack.

2nd shocker…I’ve NEVER until Saturday, EVER dropped my phone in a toilet but after shopping I stopped at a convenience store, (another thing I NEVER do), cause I had to use the facilities really bad.  I dropped my pants and I hear a big thud in the toilet.  I immediately realize my phone has fallen from my back pocket and into the water, I frantically jumped around (if you can visualize me needing to use the loo really-really badly), wadding up as much toilet paper that I can to dry off the phone while pulling it out of the protective cover and freakin’ out about germs. YES, GERMS!  I’m a freak about that. (I try to hide it) but sometimes, like this instance…there’s no hiding it.  As soon as I got to my car, I ended up using every napkin and hand sanitizer I had to clean it off.  Luckily and by the grace of the phone fairies…it still works.  Thank goodness!  Chihuahua’s!!!

On to sweeter notes…

I am thankful for the beautiful skies we had all week.  (They’ve been brilliant as you will see in the pictures below.)

But the BEST & most BEAUTIFUL was Wednesday when our daughter went to the dr. and sent us an audio clip of our g-baby’s heart beat. O M G!!!  I bawled and bawled. It was the most beautiful sound ever!

So thankful for those blessings!


  • have I told you I love spending time with my husband?  I do.
  • operation armadillo continues in the neighborhood
  • beautiful skies
  • losing a beautiful friend (Faren Charles Persall)
  • snake sighting (YUK)
  • hearing baby HEARTBEAT!
  • Luling antiquing and shopping
  • Luling farmers market
  • fall projects underway
  • Bastrop Sunday date with the mister
  • Bastrop’s famous Roadhouse & fab burgers
  • Bastrop architecture


eagle2xx skyxx






A photographer friend of my son’s gave us this beautiful photograph she took of him (drumming) at a show a few months ago.  LOVE the photo! Thank you Deborah K Coley- beautiful capture!








Lost this beautiful man, wonderful husband, great dad and super friend, much too soon. Rest in peace Faren Charles you will be missed by many~