get that fire going

…with some homemade firestarters!  At Christmas time I bought my husband and I a new fire pit.  We had thought about making it or getting a chiminea but then while shopping around we found a really nice one that we thought would meet our needs.  It’s perfect for these colder nights when you can just go out into the backyard and relax under the trees with a warm fire going.  That’s if it’s not too frigid or drizzly out.

I started researching firestarters online and then came across a site where they gave you pointers on how to make your own.  They are so easy!  And who doesn’t have candle wax sitting around?

There are different ingredients you can use but I opted for the ones I readily had on hand already.  Wax, check.waxes

Cardboard egg carton, check.


Then sawdust, check!  That’s all you really need.


I lined my surface with newspaper, filled the egg carton spaces with ample amounts of sawdust.


Melted the wax I had on hand…


poured over the individual areas and allowed to dry completely.


Once cooled, I tore each individual cup off and placed them in a storage bag til ready to use.  Now when we are needing to get the fire pit started, we just toss one of these cups in there.  Along with making it easier to get it going, you have a nice smelling fire going as well.  These are super easy to make and so much cheaper than buying actual firestarters!!!


Reuse, re-purpose, recycle–love it!  Next go around I’m tossing in some fresh lavender and rosemary before the wax is poured.  Now we’re set for those cooler Texas nights~

covering my shades of gray

So life happens.  And I do not like colorless, lifeless hair.  I’ve neglected my hair the last few years in that I haven’t seen a hairstylist for awile.  Mainly due to time and moving around and not wanting to go out in search of a new person that will do what I want.  My hair has gotten super long and I’ve nipped it here and there.  What else have I been doing?  Cutting and coloring it myself—yikes!  Yes, hair coloring at home.

I love shiny, glossy and dark hair but the last few years my gray has been winning.  My son asked me a few years ago, when I would stop coloring my hair- he loves natural!  I told him whatever came first…55 or a grandbaby.  Well, we revisited the convo because I reached 55 and our daughter had told us she was expecting. LOL

But he told me he really didn’t care what I did- whew!  So on with covering my shades of gray.

That is until esalon and I met.  I read all the wonderful reviews before jumping in and trying their product.  Ladies, I’m here to give you a great referral on this stuff.  They customize your color based on your responses and you can even send them a picture of your hair for better customization.  Typically a “do it yourself” coloring lasts about 4 weeks and starts to immediately fade and doesn’t completely cover the gray.  Right?  One box typically doesn’t cover my entire head of hair either.  AND, the price is right–actually pretty reasonable!

I waited to respond to their inquiries because I wanted to see what my hair would look like after the 4th wash.

Still shiny, great coverage and it blended into my entire head of hair!  Shocker!!!

Sorry for the dumb selfies but I wanted to show you some different angles of the coverage.


I have very thick hair.  This product has covered even the most stubborn grays and has lasted.  Like I said, the price is VERY reasonable and for these results, I will definitely keep using this coloring system.


Yes, some day I will go natural, but until I am ready to face that big challenge…I’ve found a great new product with great coverage for every shade of gray I have earned.  AND, don’t look so closely at my split ends~


Laundry ease

Who loves doing laundry?  Well, guess what?  Get ready for LAUNDRY EASE cause It’s just gotten easier.

I received a huge box containing this awesome new Purex Powershot detergent


to try out and review.  Guess what?  It’s easy and handy! It has this spout that automatically dispenses just the right amount for each wash.


As you can see by our bottle, we’ve used it and there it sits ready for the next use.


We’d previously been using those little “toss tabs” for sometime


but we’ve noticed that every now and then, if they don’t completely dissolve, you’ll have a gooey mess in the wash. Totally not the case with Purex PowerShot!


So if you’re lazy…lol, or just don’t want to measure or have a gooey mess…might I suggest Purex Powershot?  We’re all busy and who wants to spend more time in the laundry room than we have to?  Try you some!

Instagram – #purexpowershot / Twitter @Purex


a special baby’s nursery

We’ve got a very special little prince arriving in 2 weeks and of all the homes, rooms and nursery’s that I’ve decorated over the years, this is the most heartfelt and exciting one I have EVER done.

The hubby and I traveled north and the weather was absolutely beautiful, check KC! (Not so much on the return trip)…


We arrived at the kids place safe and sound.  Our daughter had her vision of what this special baby nursery was to look like.  She had a woodland theme picked out along with the color scheme and most of the materials.  We stopped in Oklahoma, (for Aunt Alice’s project) and Boo and I brought the items we custom made as well. Then with the mommy’s direction, we helped put it together.  Super EXCITING!!!



nursery4 nursery5 nursery6


grandpa practicing rocking (the dog)

some of the makings…


the birdhouse nightlight


glider reupholstered

Aunt Alice's custom tree bookshelf

Aunt Alice’s custom tree bookshelf


arrow growth chart

See what the weather did on our way back?  YIKES!  Us Texas folk, don’t like to drive in this nonsense!


the awful snowstorm on return trip home

As always we hated leaving our girl but we had a wonderful time and the best project EVER just needs a few personal touches from the beautiful little mommy…2 weeks to go and counting!


All that’s lacking…the little guy~


Señorita Pepper Mill


Meet my 34 year old pepper mill that we received as a wedding gift from a sweet lady- friend of my MIL’s, Ms. Mott.  I’ve used it many times over the years and I’ve also had it tucked away in my spice cabinet, where from time to time I pull it out and remember that sweet lady.

Often, I get a silly notion and  I see things in a different light.  Which was the case one day when I pulled Señorita Pepper Mill out to use her. I wondered what she’d look like if I gave her a little face lift.  Everyone deserves a fresh look right, especially after 34 years!  And so her make-over began…


I cleaned her off, took her apart and emptied the finely ground-up peppers that were trapped in there.  I’ve mentioned on here before how I love chalk paint. It’s so forgiving and is quick and requires less sanding if none at all.  )But DON’T buy the already premixed stuff cause it’s terribly expensive and you can make your own for PENNIES!), especially if it’s a small project like this.

I just mixed a bit of plaster of Paris into the paint I want to use and add a bit of water, blend and you’re ready to go.  In this case I decided on a beautiful Marigold yellow!  Once I was done with two coats of color, I sanded lightly to expose some the original wood color and then I applied a top coat of finishing wax.


Mini elbow grease to clean the metal parts & make her shine again…

AND her new ooh la la moment…


Isn’t she beautiful?  She makes me smile and brightens up the kitchen!


A quick trip to Penzey’s is in store to use up my gift card from Sar, cause I’m in need of some fresh peppercorns ~

score some Valentine points

Wanna score some Valentine’s Day points?  Then get going with a free printable to add to a homemade goodie!

In this case a brownie mix!


Take a simple brownie mix or make your fave from scratch and add some cute gift tags.   Makes a sweet treat for that special someone.


I took my “heart” shaped muffin pan and baked the brownies in them for “♥” shaped ones, then put them in cellophane bags, tied with string and added the printable tag.


Click here for the free printable, print on cardstock and tie!


Now no excuses—-go hand these out to your favorite peeps & make ‘em feel the ♥!


Happy Valentine’s Day friends!

From casa GCC~

weekend haps

There’s Boo and the nieces apartment hunting and me in the car waiting. LOL  Here’s the scoop on the weekend that was filled with lots of projects & going places.  Plus finishing up the dreaded defensive driving course, which in all actuality wasn’t bad at all.  It was supposed to be a comedy course, but when you’re married to Boo and have his children that inherited his sense of humor- all else pales in comparison (no joke).  But, it was very educational. If you’ve gotten a ticket and you want it off your record, want a discount on your auto insurance OR just want to refresh your skills on driving safely–I totally recommend this course.  BUT, aside from that we did have date time, family time and catching-up time around here!

the haps~

  • date nite
  • nieces apartment hunting
  • solo meal
  • defensive driving course complete
  • Bubs & his music
  • Sar & L’s baby shower weekend

the pics~


Although I love to cook, this weeks meals consisted of ONE delicious meal that I actually cooked and it was fresh stuffed salmon, green beans and pan fried sweet potatoes (a healthier version).



Last weekend we helped our niece with her apartment hunt, a friend Realtor of mine also took her around. She settled on the perfect little place.  She got all moved in this weekend with the help of her mom and sister.  We got a chance to visit with all of them and then went out to celebrate after the “tour”.  (The signing of the coaster as a keepsake!)  More pics to come of her new place.  (Tia Belle will be helping her decorate her place.) Lucky me, I can’t wait!


So Bubs is still at it, and we’re anxiously anticipating his NEW ALBUM release in April. This songwriter has some fab music and the release will take place in Austin and surrounding areas. All my fellow Twitter-ers, you can get a preview and free download of one of his tunes on the album here @JaegerNotYaeger!


Baby time is almost here, the new mommy is getting nervous and excited and so are we!  This weekend she was given another baby shower by her friends in town (checkout the gorgeous invites her friends designed to follow along with her nursery theme).  I can’t wait to see pictures!


This week we will be travelling there to help with nursery final touches and spending time with momma, daddy and baby before he makes his grand debut~