Office facelift

Remember these?


from my previous post here?  And, how I turned ‘em into this?


Well when I bought those, I also got three of these square plaques.


I don’t know what they were originally used for or what purpose they served.  They’re made of the same material (resin) and I wasn’t sure what I would do with them.  That is until I was thinking of what to place on my wall in my new office and I needed wall decor for my facelift appeal.  I reached into my pile of “future projects” & pulled two of them out and started to paint…


Took me all of an hour just about.  I base coated them with a parchment white and added aqua and brown touches.


I then antiqued some of the edges and voila!



I anchored them on each side of my awesome clock and added a small quote plaque in the center.


Gotta admit my space is looking pretty sweet and inviting, now if I only had time to paint the walls!  They would surely “pop”!  In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the warmth and coziness of it all.

Hope you’ve had a blessed weekend.  This week if time allows I will be posting a review on a cool little gadget to make meals more appealing and creative and much more, so stay tuned.  Until then, ciao~


weekend haps

MAN OH MAN!!! Where is my time slipping away to? Seriously?

No more had my week flown by that it was time for the girlfriends getaway!  They came into town, I gave them a tour of the hacienda and we headed out to travel to quaint Georgetown to spend a 3 day weekend together.  Of course I can’t reveal everything these girls do and talk about while together, but I can tell you it’s ALWAYS a blast and a great time!  We stayed at this lovely little house (all to ourselves),


we shopped and ate a LOT of great food and enjoyed a play.  I love my girls and the time we spend together.  After 25 some years we still adore one another and look forward to many more good times.

the haps~

  • girlfriends getaway
  • Jesus Christ Superstar (the play)
  • lots of good eating
  • shopping
  • late night talks
  • some of our fave places to eat @ in Gtown:  eats on 8th, monument cafe & el monumento
  • fave places to shop in Gtown: Diva (home decor), Diva Chicks & Gatherings










side note… I’m honestly never throwing out another celery stalk bottom EVER or even green onions.  Checkout the growth in a weeks time!


This is how my little organic project is progressing—-pretty impressive!


weekend haps

First off… I know it’s already Tuesday and here I am posting weekend haps, but whew-ie where on earth does the time go?  I’ve been so behind in posting my weekend stuff it’s not even funny!  But what is there to do during the winter?  Well, if it’s winter in Texas you’re talking about…well, it really doesn’t get that cold around here so you can still carry on with the usual.  So what have I been up to?  A whole lot of miscellaneousness (one of my favorite made-up words btw)!!!  Anyway, January & half of February are tough months for me.  Just seems like there’s no end in sight to the gloom of the weather and the “downfall” from the holidays.  Some of you that can relate will probably understand what I mean.  So I try my best to carry on and keep myself busy but then there’s those days, I’d rather just lay in the living room watching movies all day – every day in my sweats… (well, those who know me, know I don’t own sweats) but you know what I mean.  But then I can’t just lay around.  I feel guilty and feel like I’m letting myself down if I don’t accomplish something- anything.  Is that insane? No one’s pressuring me, so why do I feel like I always have to be doing?  Sorry for the rambling!

But listen…this past Saturday I did just that.  Had a fire going all day, I lounged around, picked up here and there and then watched movies most of the day while the hubs did some of the same until it was time to grill.  Guess what?  My world didn’t fall apart and neither did his.  I must try this again, I assured myself.  Just to see what others enjoy about doing – n o t h i n g.

But come Sunday and I did do a little of this and that.  Here’s what went on other than my ramblings.

the haps~

  • crockpot meals (beef vege soup)
  • enjoying photos of the boy as he’s out and about in the Terlingua / Big Bend area
  • started a couple of wood projects (one includes the design for Baby B)!
  • started a couple of vege projects
  • free product to review (raspberry ketone/garcinia cambogia)
  • crockpot party prepping

the pics~ 


crock pot goodness!


playin’ @ the Starlight Theatre


i ♥ wood! especially fresh cut


very old table

I’ve had this little table F O R E V E R!  It no longer has a place in my home but I couldn’t part with it.  Then one night (in my sleep, as it happens often), I visualized a couple of projects that I could make out of it.  So I started to take it apart.  Can’t wait to share the “new” items with y’all.


torn apart table for a few projects (stay tuned)

So I used up all my celery and green onions while cooking crock pot stuff and remembered seeing on Pinterest where you can regrow both…so why not!  We’ll see.


seein’ if celery and green onions will take off

I received these two items to review.  In combination, garcinia cambogia & raspberry ketones  work to curb your appetite and to suppress hunger.  Well, they do.  I was a little leery in hopes that I wouldn’t experience headaches, jitters, etc. but none of that.  They actually helped with my sweet cravings and aside from being thirsty a lot, I ate less and honestly feel like my tummy has gotten a little firmer. (Yay!)


review product rec’d for free


meat prepping for freezer meals


boo goes a’ ridin’

p.s.~ why or why is there so much silverware in our dishwasher?  For cryin’ out loud!  There’s only 2 of us in this household.


holy silverware!

now back to work on some projects~

A hobbit door

How I turned a plain little interior door…


into my own cute little hobbit door.


I absolutely love doors!

Especially ones with character, intrigue or intricate mystique. And I find it fascinating, just wondering where one leads into when I don’t know what’s on the other side.



My Pinterest board for “doors” outta tell you a bit about my door addiction.

Anyway… when we were buying our house and I noticed the 3/4 sized door that housed the heater unit, I knew that would be changing.  Why have a plain white door when you can add character to it?  Plus it would be a conversation piece, and I could re-create it to be a fun little project.

So I started out by placing a thin trim around it to add a little dimension and after I removed the door knob, I left an area for the new one and I started to stain the door, doorsteps

then added hinges that would be MY inexpensive version of those awesome iron hinges you find online or in custom little shops & cost a fortune.


My version however, were created with caulking.  I traced them out with the caulk gun right onto the door and allowed it to dry overnight.  The next day, I came back and accented them with black paint. The rest of the door was painted with a white wash technique so that some of the stain would show through.

Almost finished here & no nicks or cuts this time around.

The new knob plate & glass knob.


Then touches of antique medium throughout, hammering in some brass tacks and then touching up the raised surfaces with bronzer to make them more pronounced.


FINAL touch….

I think any door with character deserves a special key that allows for its passage, don’t you?


Enter into an unexpected journey through the hobbit door!




tresses, skin & fashion

Hi Lovely’s!  Lets talk about tresses, skin & fashion.


My hair has really gotten long and I contemplate cutting it often but then every time I talk to a woman with short – short hair, they say “NO, don’t do it.”  I ran into a lady the other day that had the cutest short hair style and I told her how I loved it.  She replied by saying, “I love yours and I never would have cut mine had I known it was so much work.  So don’t do it!”  We compared notes on the maintenance of it all and when we looked around, there were two guys just standing there listening to us and we all started laughing.  (Not sure Lowe’s is the best place to talk to strangers about hair & it’s upkeep!)

(Men will never understand the length we go to – to achieve this craziness– but whatever!)

So back to tresses…

google courtesy

courtesy of google

Ideally, I would love hair like this—I love big hair!  I used to battle on whether I should curl or straighten, (except when my hair was naturally super curly & I didn’t have to do much).


Then there’s always the “let’s just tie it up & go” method!

But if you want to achieve easy, quick and beautiful lasting curls…


I do the sock bun method most nights. (Helpful post if you’ve never used this method).  Sleep in it and just unwind the sock out of it in the morning, run your fingers through it and voila!
Long, natural curls!  This is my favorite method—so in reality, it’s so easy and maintenance free that I think I’ll keep my long hair for a bit longer.

Tress Tips:  for sock bun success…dampen hair all over with a water-filled spray bottle, roll in sock, sleep on it.  Run fingers through your hair vs. brushing out (otherwise you’ll just have a hot mess- trust me), and practice, practice.  Once you get the hang of it you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried this method before and you’ll be happy not to be using hot implements on your hair.  Since I’ve been using this method and letting my hair air dry vs. blow drying, my hair is definitely A LOT healthier looking!


Winter & summer months can be harsh on your skin (especially your face)…this is a shot of my cheek after having been outside in the cold wind for a few minutes working on a project.


So moisturizing and keeping your skin protected is a must!  Oil of olay is my preferred moisturizer and then I top it off with a primer or BB cream to lay my foundation on. Typically I use Revlon photo ready for the spring and Garnier for the summer. But omg, I just have to share my new favorite skin primer!


Holy moly!  My skin feels amazingly smooth and my makeup just glides on.  Totally worth every penny!  I have never used a primer that feels this good. EVER!!!

Skin Tip: moisturize-moisturize!!!


A little pointer ladies!  Just because it’s winter time, don’t feel the need to wear the dreaded grays, blacks, grays and blacks just cause the weather itself is dreary.  You should do the complete opposite and “bold it up”!!!

Fashion Tip:  BOLD- BOLD!  Blare the winter away with a cute, colorful outfit (bold tunic over tights), paired with bright accessories (cute colored bangles & mixed metals), complete your outfit with a pair of awesome boots!


There’s absolutely no reason you should be afraid of showing off your little fashionista side.  Look good at any age or season ladies!

Now go face the world, beautiful~


a RUSTIC BAR fit for a Texas girl

What is wrong with this area?


Well, to me… it’s that dreaded old, much despised, almond paint color (builders choice of course).  Then there’s an outlet located right there…WHY?  Sheesh, gotta love silly builders!!!  Anyway, other than the silly outlet, there really isn’t anything completely wrong with it but I have visualized updating this area since we moved in.  (Geezers!  It will be a year tomorrow that we closed on our little house.)  So a happy 1 year anniversary project to Gully Creek Cottage!


Here’s my little sketch that I’ve had for this area.  What did I envision?

I ♥♥♥ “living in color”, so color was a definite.  Re-purposed elements.  In this case, antique ceiling tiles for a focal background. Credit…(thanks to my daughter who got these in Iowa for us.)


And, of course, wood!


Recycled pallet boards.  Credit: (my sweet man collected pallets from the local builders before they disposed of them).



A Rustic bar fit more for a Texas girl.   Don’t you think?


I started by cutting & sanding my boards to use as the border and the slats for anchoring the tiles and trim onto.  I first base coated them in a brown base color wash, sanded ‘em down a bit, then added color washed accents with turquoise and orange tints (to go with my home decor).


*I coated each ceiling tile with clear polyurethane for sealing purposes.

Then onto adding the slats to help mount the tiles and trim onto.


After trimming the tiles & cutting my fingers, (mostly my stupidity & the reason I don’t waste $ on manicures anymore)…


I realized that I wouldn’t use the exposed outlet & I especially didn’t like the way it looked.

See what I mean?  Meet my two bff’s… (Mr. Tomato Can & Ms. Plastic Container).  On projects like these, I sure wish I had more than 2 hands, but call it an innovative mind or Mexican ingenuity…but they helped while I leveled and mounted the final trim pieces.


Adding the last of the trim pieces


WOWZA!  I’m in ♥!!!


Tip:  don’t ever  NEVER underestimate the purpose of old things (in this case ceiling tiles & pallets), or the uses of tomato cans, empty plastic containers and good tunes to help you complete your projects with a smile & some good ‘ole gratification~

Not a lost Christmas

Christmas is over and what do you do?  I have friends that immediately “take down” Christmas around the house.  I’ve never been that person…usually waiting until New Year’s to roll in, (just like my Momma does).  But one thing that I have ALWAYS done is stay up late the night before just “remembering” our Christmas and how it played out.  I’ve always felt that if somehow I didn’t do that, it would be a lost Christmas in my memory bank.

This year I decided to “un-decorate” before New Years, (I imagine I’m anticipating some busyness in my life).  I’ve stayed up late and reminisced, slept in just laughing & smiling silently at how much I love being my kids mother.  (Truly brings the perspective of the Christ child’s birth and HIS mother.)

On a personal level, the blessing of being able to have given birth to my two, is still beyond amazing to me.  So when I have the opportunity to see my daughter carrying her first child, I can’t help but think how she will be in this amazement soon and what a wonderful mother she will be.

With all of that said, I couldn’t resist from sharing this little gem that my husband captured while my kids and I sat together feeling the baby move around, singing and talking to him.


My friends that are grandma’s tell me all the time that being a grandparent is amazing…I’ve had a hard time with that concept because to me, being a MOMMA has been the highlight of my life.  It truly has!

But then when we sat there in this little capture, I internally wept with joy and wonderment in the moment.  This will go in my memory bank forever… definitely NOT a LOST CHRISTMAS!

What could be a more precious way to celebrate the birth of our Savior than anticipating the arrival of our very own child?  I can’t really think of anything at the moment~